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Beautiful Permanent Accent Lighting for Every Occasion


Many homeowners have discovered the practical advantages of permanent accent lighting. These outdoor LED lighting strips make decorating for the holidays extraordinarily easy – unless lit, the permanent lighting is virtually invisible, but whenever you want them, the lights are there at your command! There are many reasons to switch from strings of incandescent lights to permanent accent lighting, including:


  • Safety. Each year, many Canadians are injured while putting up lights for the holiday season. While most of the injuries are treatable, emergency room doctors do see a number of critical neurological injuries -- and even deaths – resulting from these incidents. With permanent accent lighting, activating beautiful holiday light and colour is as simple as clicking a remote or an app on your smartphone. No more climbing shaky extension ladders in the bitter cold or dealing with tangled extension cords and strings of burnt-out lights!
  • Environmental Responsibility. Outdoor LED lights are far more durable and efficient than other types of lighting. Most lights come with a five-year warranty, but the average life of LED strip lighting is greater than twenty years! This means that you can reduce your carbon footprint significantly by choosing LED. In addition, LED lights are non-toxic, and most types can be recycled at the end of their long life.
  • Economical. Because LED lights operate at a lower voltage, they are up to 80% more energy-efficient than other types of bulbs. This means savings on your electrical bill!


Number One Advantage: Beauty


All of these practical factors make permanent accent lighting an excellent choice. But the main reason to choose outdoor LED strip lighting is its versatile beauty. Despite using less electricity, LED strip lighting systems are capable of producing bright light and intense colour. With these programmable lights, you can change the colour of your lighting very easily – and there is a huge range of colours available to you. In addition, LED lights are dynamic and individually controllable, meaning that you can create an almost infinite number of patterns and displays. Make the LEDs strobe gently and slowly, blink off and on rapidly, chase, glow, sparkle, or design a spectacular light show!


And permanent accent lighting has year-round applications. Once you discover how easy it is to program your lights, you’ll discover all kinds of seasonal uses for them. On Halloween, create a spooky orange and black light show; go green for St. Paddy’s Day. Illuminate your backyard with yellow for a summertime BBQ or show your red-and-white pride on Canada Day. You’ll have a great deal of fun discovering all of the ways to create special effects with your permanent accent lights.


Choosing a Permanent LED Lighting System


You’ll want to buy your system from a company with a good reputation that offers professional installation, a good warranty, and lights specifically created for the Canadian climate. This will ensure that your system will be up and running efficiently in time to celebrate your next special occasion.


Light up your home with permanent accent lighting, and create bright memories for decades to come!